18 Oct 2013

2 pokemon X Y glitch go change your game experience

                                                            View the glitchs after the break.

Glitch 1 Freeze X Y save

If you save the game on Lumiose City and exist to 3ds menu your game freeze.


Nintendo is making one patch for e shop and give one map of lumiose City

Nintendo recommend don´t save on blue area.

According to the website Nintendo Everything, a solution is to remove the SD card, and then start the game normally.

Gamefaq sayed "I saved my game near a taxi in the city of Lumiose and now whenever I try to restart the game, it immediately freezes. He carries my coach and all my clothes, and also the buildings and lights, but none of the objects in streets and textures of the buildings appear.
The Pokémon-Amie is also frozen on my screen without downloading anything lower and the game does not return to the home menu when I press Home. I can force a shutdown, but the internal software of the 3DS is completely frozen. "

Glitch 2  Matrix pkmns

Very users is founding pkmns like this                                                                

This is very strange one pkmn maded by binnary code.

********************** You already viewed monochrome pkmns???**********************

If not I leave the link http://nintendoboost.blogspot.pt/2013/10/new-shiny-type-pkmns-rumor.html
I don´t know if this is a glitch but ok.

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