6 Dec 2013

Highschool of DxD game revealed to 3DS

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Game based on the anime series High School DxD:

- New visual elements and turn-based RPG;
- Fighting fallen angels and other foes;
- Scenes from the first season will act as cut-ins during the battle;
- Battle has five options: Boost, Attack, Dragon Shot, Costume Change, and Dressing Break;
- Dragon Shot is a more powerful attack;
- Dressing break will destroy the opponent's clothing, but it only works if it is female;
- Change Costume is a new feature that allows you to change the clothes of the opponent;
- If you have an ally with you, you can also use commands or Break Dressing Change clothes;
- Release will be in Japan on November 28;
- Available in a limited edition bundle that includes headphones, a loop of cord manager, two elastic a micro fiber cloth and an illustrated design.

and finnaly the trailer:

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