9 Dec 2013

[Preview] - Kirby: Triple Deluxe

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How will the game

Unfortunately we do not have much information to talk about the game's plot , but games platform similar to Kirby in general do not operate that way either . This time we will skip that part and talk about gameplay elements .

Even those who never played a single game in the series Kirby usually know his abilities to be a gift character from the first Super Smash Bros. . What stands out most in him is his ability to " fly " inflating like a balloon and absorbing powers related to enemies when he swallows . Also there is always a boss to face after a few phases . I say this because the new game will again present these features to the best side-scrolling style , as it should be .

So if the basic mechanics of the game is already known , what is new in Triple Deluxe ? For starters , will move into a new world , Furorarudo (maybe Floarald in English) , suggesting new scenarios with new enemies . And , there are new enemies , there are also new powers that Kirby can use , such as the power of the bell that makes Kirby attack with the sound and allows it to hide the bell for protection. Other examples of new powers are the beetle and the greatest , the Big Bang , which Kirby wins while sucking a foot - of - beans and enables him to make a very powerful suction that makes Kirby swallow whatever lies ahead.

There are some new features in this game that are related to the features that the 3DS offers , and it can be said that Triple Deluxe is not the first game for the Nintendo platform uses them . For example , graphically the game works with a depth perspective , and now Kirby may appear more or background or closer to the screen , depending on the situation . At that appeared in the video and the little information we have so far , can you expect it to be well used in the right measure and let the game more beautiful resort . Also, some stages of the game require that the 3DS is inclined ( and here we have a mystery to be a resource indeed well spent ) and there will also be the presence of collectible keychains , numbering over 250 , which can be exchanged for StreetPass .

 The presence of King Dedede is guaranteed in the game , but still do not know details about him being playable or not and how this would happen . But there it minigames for up to 4 players , and it was not disclosed on online resources , it seems to be only local multiplayer . However, this does not disturb or detract from , especially if you can use the Download Play feature , although so far nothing has been disclosed about that too .


Yes , I said the game in a way that borders the coldness . And did purposely , because I want to say that despite the game being so and then he still promises much. The Kirby franchise has had various types of games , and even in the main series there were changes in quality , after all not all games can be high level , does not it ? The franchise has had the game I did not like the public to be " frustratingly easy " the game that was just " another Kirby nothing more ." But I've also had games at the highest level at which producers nailed it .

Triple Deluxe promises to be another side-scrolling platformer , and therefore described the game that way. However , in spite of everything , I countered by saying that it is a side-scrolling platformer with a difference . The Nintendo 3DS has toasted its players with very good games in this genre , and this promises to be another for rescuing elements that worked very well without changing them in nascent form . I said that the level of the games in the franchise vary, and not all are fine, but in general they bring along a good proposal gameplay , and a game of Kirby explores the potential of the 3DS with a footprint of the games that already exist is a excellent requested for fans of the genre . In summary , taking the innovation Question (which is not there , but could be better in this part ) , we may be about to experience the best Kirby for a portable console.

General Expectation - 8.8 / 10

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