24 Feb 2014

Recently, Nintendo has launched a YouTube channel called Nintendo Girls Club, which they say is geared toward the female gamer audience. However, this channel has caused outrage by some players male and female, who accused the channel of being typecast and closed mind.

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The channel shows videos weekly news and trends facing women in the gamer world, with British actress Jorgie Porter featuring videos, super cute in her room, where she plays Animal Crossing: New Leaf and shows how you can decorate your home and fill it with pink, then shopping at a boutique, as if this was the reality of the female gamer world. Figures indicate that 46% of buyers of games today are women, and these numbers, 31% are adult women. Still, the gamer culture that is historically male, and women think video games are things that do not match. So no surprises that the channel is causing such outrage.

Some girls even talked with Yahoo Shine , which published an article on the subject , where one of the girls said she felt ashamed of having seen the Nintendo Girls Club .

Another girl , Jenny Haniver , founder of the community dedicated to female gamers , Not In the Kitchen Anymore , said : " Many video game companies want to meet women , but they just do not know how you can not just paint everything pink . and add ponies and a mall and wait for the girls become animated. "

The number of girl gamers who like pink, shopping and all these fofurices is very low , like most of the same games as men , so this attitude is entirely understandable . The Nintendo Channel Girls Club should serve as a safe haven for women to gain confidence as players harbor and not think that just because they are girls who have everything pink, fluffy and colorful . And who knows in the future , after all this outrage , Nintendo does not cover more titles in the channel and a less sexist way, is not it? After all , I'm a woman , Nintendo fan and overly cute games are not my thing very well , and neither of the other millions of girls who like video game out there .

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